Daniel Carnese : Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Daniel Carnese

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Daniel Carnese brings over 20 years of experience with Silicon Valley software ventures, including ten years with startups delivering innovative products to health care providers and health insurance companies. Dan's experience spans a range of roles — encompassing engineering, marketing, sales, professional services, and customer support — but his primary focus has been on new product development and delivery.

As the original VP Engineering at Initiate Systems, Dan led the product development effort for Initiate's industry leading MDM (Master Data Management) product — a key enabler for the implementation of health information networks — and supervised its first successful implementations at Catholic Healthcare West and other healthcare providers. The company was recently acquired by IBM. Prior to that, Dan was Director of Engineering and Senior Scientist for Independence Technologies, building infrastructure products enabling highly available and scalable real-time systems, as well as innovative enterprise applications for the health insurance industry. The company was acquired by BEA Systems. Dan also served as product manager for Broadvision at the time of its highly successful e-commerce IPO.

Dan received his AB in Computer Science and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, Berkeley. He earned his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was elected to Sigma Xi. Dan serves as a board member of the Silicon Valley Action Network.

Kris Durski, PhD : Chief Technology Officer

Kris Durski, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Kris Durski, PhD, is the principal designer of KDH's proprietary technology. Dr. Durski brings over 25 years of successful software development of computerized charting and reporting systems for physicians. He was Manager of Nuclear Medicine Engineering at Toshiba America MRI. Inc., on the faculty of Johns Hopkins University and Director of Product Marketing for HealthCenter Internet Services, Inc.

Dr. Durski has a PhD from the Medical University, Lodz, Poland, an MS in digital control and measurement systems, and a BS in electronic equipment technology from the Technical and Agricultural University, Poland. He has contributed to many internationally recognized publications and technical journals.