Patient Identification Through Protocol-Specific Clinical Data


  • The PatientLocate software service is used by research sponsors and research sites who want to find patients faster for clinical studies and trials.
  • By employing real-time informatics technology, PatientLocate uses up to the minute clinical data to identify potential clinical trial participants based on protocol-specific inclusion and exclusion criteria.
  • Peer-reviewed research on PatientLocate‘s HIPAA-compliant methodology has consistently demonstrated an increase in research referrals and research enrollment.
  • PatientLocate technology has screened over 500,000 patients, placing over 15,000 in studies and trials.

Why Sponsors and Sites Use PatientLocate

  • PatientLocate increases the flow of qualified research candidates, without increasing sites or staff. This allows research to be completed on a faster timeline and with reduced likelihood of failure.
  • PatientLocate enables cost-effective screening of large patient populations, while ensuring that patients who satisfy study-specific criteria are never missed.


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