The PatientLocate℠ service is based on our innovative Secure Server Management Infrastructure (SSMI) technology. SSMI provides scalable, secure, and HIPAA-compliant management of PatientLocate servers deployed in hospitals, academic medical centers, clinics, physician practices.

SSMI is based on our patent-pending technology for constructing a distributed system of independent sites composed of encapsulated, secure, and autonomous servers operating in PatientLocate datacenters and behind healthcare provider firewalls. These servers use our Goal Oriented Architectural Language (GOAL) to process SSMI requests based on local conditions, capabilities and constraints rather than preconfigured workflows.

SSMI technology includes a number of capabilities that support rapid deployment and large-scale, secure operation of the PatientLocateā„  network. These capabilities include:

  • Adaptive informatics to significantly reduce the time to bring new sites into the network.
  • Automated decomposition of tasks to eliminate the need for coding and testing a new application for each study.
  • Enhanced data security so that patient data is protected even if servers are penetrated by intruders.